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Este es un diálogo de Boston Legal sobre las elecciones en Estados Unidos, aunque en parte estamos de acuerdo con Denny Crane, Obama tampoco debe llegar a la Casa Blanca.

Alan Shore: Do you think you’re a racist Denny?

Denny Crane: Oh… nah, I… I don’t know. Do you think it’s racist to say a man sounds black?

Alan Shore: I think it’s more offensive to say, ‘street’ or ‘urban’, when the inference is you mean ‘black’.

Denny Crane: So, what do you say?

Alan Shore: Well, Barack Obama referred to the black sound as a black idiom, more like jazz and less like a set score.

Denny Crane: They let him get away with that?

Alan Shore: Evidently.

Denny Crane: I might vote for him, you know.

Alan Shore: Obama?

Denny Crane: “Anybody in America can grow up to be president!” That’s what I say. Except Hillary! She wins, I puke.

Alan Shore: Barack Obama.



Denny Crane: Ah. Handsome. Great photo-op. But I don’t know what he stands for. Be a perfect president. He speaks perfect white, as well as black. You never heard me say that.

Alan Shore: What about McCain?

Denny Crane: He speaks Bush now. Can’t win.

Alan Shore: Obama is against the war now, you know.

Denny Crane: So am I. [Alan is surprised] It’s boring. I’m ready for a new war. Time to blow up Iran. They got Sadam. Now we gotta get uh… Amina Douchebag. And that nut job in North Korea, they both gotta go. And not because they’re not white.

Alan Shore: Okay. Denny, does it bother you at all that America is so hated by the rest of the world these days?

Denny Crane: Well, of course it does, Alan. Just can’t please everybody. Better to just…

Alan Shore: Blow them up.

Denny Crane: Exactly. And not because they’re not white.

Alan Shore: No. ————

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