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Ganó Obama. Eso ya lo sabe todo el mundo, y el que no lo sabe está psicótico o vive en un termo. Pero lo que demostró Obama es cómo cagarse en lo que la gente eligió, cómo cagarse en la opinión de más de 60 millones de personas.

Antes de ser honrado con el cargo de Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Obama tuvo que pasar por una interna feroz, donde tenía oponentes de peso, como Hillary Clinton, y dentro de lo malo que es el Partido Demócrata, la gente optó por Obama. La mayoría dijo que no esaba de acuerdo con Hillary, no la querían cerca del poder, no la querían remotamente cerca de la Casa Blanca y le dejaron en claro que sus sueños de monarquía en los Estados Unidos era posible solamente en países de cuarta como la Argentina.

Ah, no, pero Obama que está cagado en las patas porque se le nota que tiene miedo, considera llamar a Clinton para algún puesto, y entre ellos se barajó la Secretaría de Estado…

Barack, la gente dijo que no quería a Clinton, dales el gusto y mandála a trabajar una vez en su vida; tener a Hillary, adicta al poder, cerca es como tener a Judas siendo Cristo. Hillary Clinton es más peligrosa que cualquier terrorista, y las ganas que tiene de volver a la Casa Blanca con su marido no van a desaparecer por respeto a tu persona.

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By Victor Davis Hanson

Barack Obama and John McCain are running neck and neck.


It would seem so. Republican President Bush still has less than a 30 percent approval rating. Headlines blare that unemployment and inflation are up — even if we aren’t, technically, in a recession. Gas is around $4 a gallon. Housing prices have nosedived. Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has been indicted — another in a line of congressional Republicans caught in financial or sexual scandal.

Meanwhile, the GOP’s presumptive candidate, John McCain, is 71 years old. The Republican base thinks he’s lackluster and too liberal.

So, everyone is puzzled why the Democratic candidate isn’t at least 10 points ahead. It seems the more Americans get used to Barack Obama, the less they want him as president — and the more Democrats will soon regret not nominating Hillary Clinton.

First, Obama was billed as a post-racial healer. His half-African ancestry, exotic background and soothing rhetoric were supposed to have been novel and to have reassured the public he was no race-monger like Al Sharpton. On the other hand, his 20-year career in the cauldron of Chicago racial politics also guaranteed to his liberal base that he wasn’t just a moderate Colin Powell, either.

Yet within weeks of the first primary, the outraged Clintons were accusing Obama of playing «the race card» — and vice-versa. Blacks soon were voting heavily against Hillary Clinton. In turn, Hillary, the elite Ivy League progressive, turned into a blue-denim working gal — and won nearly all the final big-state Democratic primaries on the strength of working-class whites.

Americans also learned to their regret how exactly a Hawaiian-born Barack Obama — raised, in part, by his white grandparents and without African-American heritage — had managed to win credibility in what would become his legislative district in Chicago. That discovery of racial chauvinism wasn’t hard once his former associate, his pastor for over 20 years, the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, spewed his venom.

Obama himself didn’t help things as he taught the nation that his dutiful grandmother was at times a small-minded bigot — no different from a «typical white person.» And in an impromptu riff, Obama ridiculed small-town working-class Pennsylvanians’ supposed racial insularity.

The primary season ended with a narrow Obama victory — and a wounded, but supposedly wiser, Democratic candidate.

Not quite. Without evidence, he unwisely has claimed his opponents («they») will play the race card against poor him. In contrast, on the hot-button issue of racial reparations, he recently played to cheering minority audiences by cryptically suggesting that the government must «not just . . . offer words, but offer deeds.» He later clarified that he didn’t mean cash grants, but his initial words were awfully vague.

Second, many are beginning to notice how a Saint Obama talks down to them. We American yokels can’t speak French or Spanish. We eat too much. Our cars are too big, our houses either overheated or overcooled. And we don’t even put enough air in our car tires. In contrast, a lean, hip Obama promises to still the rising seas and cool down the planet, assuring adoring Germans that he is a citizen of the world.

Third, Obama knows that all doctrinaire liberals must tack rightward in the general election. But due to his inexperience, he’s doing it in far clumsier fashion than any triangulating candidate in memory. Do we know — does Obama even know? — what he really feels about drilling off our coasts, tapping the strategic petroleum reserve, NAFTA, faith-based initiatives, campaign financing, the FISA surveillance laws, town-hall debates with McCain, Iran, the surge, timetables for Iraq pullouts, gun control or capital punishment?

Fourth, Obama is proving as inept an extemporaneous speaker as he is gifted with the Teleprompter. Like most rookie senators, in news conferences and interviews, he stumbles and then makes serial gaffes — from the insignificant, like getting the number of states wrong, to the downright worrisome, such as calling for a shadow civilian aid bureaucracy to be funded like the Pentagon (which would mean $500 billion per annum).

If the polls are right, a public tired of Republicans is beginning to think an increasingly bothersome Obama would be no better — and maybe a lot worse. It is one thing to suggest to voters that they should shed their prejudices, eat less and be more cosmopolitan. But it is quite another when the sermonizer himself too easily evokes race, weekly changes his mind and often sounds like he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

In a tough year like this, Democrats could probably have defeated Republican John McCain with a flawed, but seasoned candidate like Hillary Clinton. But long-suffering liberals convinced their party to go with a messiah rather than a dependable nominee — and thereby they probably will get neither.

Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and author, most recently, of «A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War.» You can reach him by e-mailing author@victorhanson.com.

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Estoy harto de Obama, no agunto más a Obama, a los progre que se creen que porque es negro va a ser buen Presidente y que eso y que hace 1000 años mataron un negro lo califican para gobernar el país más importante de la tierra.

No solamente los medios nacionales me cansaron, sino la estupidez crónica de muchos progreamericans, esos liberales que nada tienen que ver con los liberales argentinos, ya que sería hora que para evitar más confusiones nos presentemos como LIBERTARIOS.

Hasta las revistas de Fitness hablan de Negrama, que hasta ahora lo único créible de su campaña es que es negro, y como si no fuera suficiente el lobby mediático por el candidato exótico, tenemos que sumar la monumental estupidez del Partido Demócrata, que jodió a Florida y Michigan sacándoles los delegados, que harían justa la elección, claro, a menos que el mierdero partido considere que Michigan y Florida son medios estados y sus ciuddanos menos importantes que el resto que gritan por el loquito de moda.

Hillary no es Santa de mi devoció, de hecho, como bien diría Denny Crane, «she wins, I puke», pero las primarias no vienen siendo justas, ¿qué hubiera pasado si negrama hubiera ganado Florida y Michigan?, el lobby oscuro algo hubiera inventado, y ante una misma resolución, hubieran sacado la bandera del racismo que la guardan para cuando la cosas no les conviene.

Pelearon por los mismos derechos, pelearon por igualdad ante la ley, pero cuando al que joden es blanco y gana un negro nadie se queja, todos creen que es una retribución histórica por el negro estafado hace 300 años por un blanco o un asiático.

McCain no era mi candidato primario en el Partido Republicano, pero viendo las tres opciones, hoy es la mejor; Obama propone negociar con Amina Douchebag, cuando Irán no tiene nada que negociar, Estados Unidos tiene que plantarse y hacer valer su postura y peso; Obama quiere amigarse con Chávez y todos los anti-american pro-terrorist del planeta, quiere más sindicatos, menos TLC, menos comercio libre, más burocracia, más impuestos, quiere más Kirchnerismo en Estados Unidos, para ponerlo en términos que los argentos entiendan.

Castro sabe que Estados Unidos lo odia, así que critica a Obama, y un bruto se cree que así va contra Castro; ir contra los terroristas es poner a John McCain en la Casa Blanca, a él le tienen miedo en Irán, Corea del Norte y en todos los países de segunda que se sustentan en sus populismos criticando a Estados Unidos; Chávez y Castro necesitan a Obama, votar a Obama es votar lo peor de América, es dejar solo a Colombia y a Uribe…

Yes we can, podemos mandar a Obama al Senado, donde no digo que sea malo en lo suyo, pero hasta que no venga con otras propuestas, la Oficina Oval es para McCain, claro que Romney sería una mejor opción, pero las primarias eligieron a McCain, así que hasta el 2012 cuando Mitt pueda postularse otra vez.

Remember, Obama is what terrorists want and need.


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