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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on eight out of 10 key electoral issues, including, for the second straight month, the top issue of the economy. They’ve also narrowed the gap on the remaining two issues, the traditionally Democratic strong suits of health care and education.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that voters trust the GOP more on economic issues 46% to 41%, showing little change from the six-point lead the party held last month. This is just the second time in over two years of polling the GOP has held the advantage on economic issues. The parties were close on the issue in May, with the Democrats holding a one-point lead.

Voters not affiliated with either party trust Republicans more to handle the economy by a 46% to 32% margin.

Last week’s report of 9.5 percent unemployment, the highest since 1983, raised doubts about the economy and the president’s handling of it. Consumer and investor confidence is now down to the lowest levels in three months. Just 39% now say President Obama is doing a good or an excellent job on the economy while 43% rate his performance as poor. Those are by far the weakest numbers yet for the president.

The president’s approval ratings also have fallen to new lows in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Most voters (52%) now trust Republicans more on the issue of taxes, also the highest level found in over two years. Only 36% trust Democrats more on taxes. A survey conducted at the end of June found that 39% of voters now expect their taxes to go up under Obama, the highest level of concern measured to date.

On national security, Republicans hold a 49% to 40% lead over Democrats. That’s down from a 15-point lead last month.

For the second straight month, voters put North Korea at the top of the list of biggest threats to U.S. national security.

Republicans hold a four-point lead on the issue of the War in Iraq, down from an eight-point advantage in June.

Even though American troops have now pulled out of all cities in Iraq and still are on schedule to be completely withdrawn by the end of 2011, 64% of U.S. voters do not believe the war in Iraq is over.

The GOP has a 40% to 34% lead on the issue of immigration and is ahead 46% to 39% on abortion.

Republicans also edge out Democrats on government ethics and corruption for the second straight month, 34% to 33%. In June, the GOP held a six-point advantage on the issue.

Also for the first time in over two years, Republicans lead Democrats on the issue of Social Security 42% to 37%. Democrats held a six-point lead on the issue last month, and the parties were tied in April.

Democrats have also seen their leads shrink on two of the party’s strong points, health care and education. The party holds a four-point lead on health care, down from 18 points in May. The Democrats’ advantage on the issue is the smallest found in over two years.

Voters are evenly divided when it comes to the health care reform plans being promoted by the president and Democrats in Congress.

On education, Democrats lead Republicans 41% to 38%, also the smallest margin in over two years. Democrats held a 15-point lead in May on the issue.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of all voters say the average congressional Democrat is more liberal than they are, while 36% believe the average Republican congressman is more conservative in comparison to themselves. Just 44% say their own representative in Congress is about the same as them ideologically.

Republican candidates lead Democrats for the second straight week in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot. Support for the GOP remains unchanged this week – at its highest level over the past year, but support for Democrats dropped one point to tie its lowest level in the same time period

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Rasmussen Report

Tarde para darse cuenta, el paraíso oscuro de Obama, Clinton, Al Gore y la progresía culpógena de los Estados Unidos ya se condenaron. Y con los SERIOS problemas internos que tiene el Partido Republicano adentro, parece que el quilombo y los dems tienen para rato.

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Están todos fascinados porque Obama sea el primer Presidente negro de los Estados Unidos, y todos están seguros que no estaría ahí de no ser por el partido demócrata.

Y ahora, la progresía no entiende cómo los racistas republicanos eligieron por primera vez a un presidente de partido negro también (a mí lo que me interesa es que sea un buen republicano, liberal para la economía, conservador para los valores, y no un neo-con, y que puede ser verde, amarillo o púrpura.

Pero se olvidan que el gran emancipador, Lincoln, fue el Primer Presidente que puso el Partido Republicano:

The Republican Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with the Democratic Party. It is often called the Grand Old Party or the GOP. Founded in Ripon, Wisconsin, in 1854 by anti-slavery expansion activists and modernizers, the Republican Party quickly surpassed the Whig Party as the principal opposition to the Democratic Party. It first came to power in 1860 with the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency and presided over the American Civil War and Reconstruction. Today, the party supports a conservative and/or center-right platform, with further foundations in supply-side fiscal policies and social conservatism.

The Republican Party is currently the second largest party with 55 million registered voters as of 2004, encompassing roughly one-third of the electorate.[1] There have been nineteen Republican Presidents. Republicans currently fill a minority of seats in both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, hold a minority of state governorships, and control a minority of state legislatures.

In the Presidential election of 2008, the party’s nominees were Senator John McCain, of Arizona, for President and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for Vice-President. The Republicans were defeated at the polls by Senator Barack Obama of Illinois for President and Senator Joe Biden of Delaware for Vice-President.

Básicamente, el partido racista nació como oposición a los demócratas esclavistas, pero todos se olvidan de ese detalle que no les sirve en sus mundos de fantasía donde los buenos son re-buenos y los malos tienen la sangre de Satanás.

P.D.: También todos se fascinan con las mujeres en el gobierno de Obama, pero fue Bush el que le dio a una mujer afro-americana por primera vez el cargo de Secretaria de Estado (Condoleeza Rice).


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Las encontré en BlogBis, y vienen de Red Planet Cartoons

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